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As part of the implementation of the co-financed ALDA and EGTC Amphictyony Program for the Local Health Observatory, we have the pleasure and honor of the collaboration of the actress, theater teacher, and special educator with the implementation of a 3-hour Educational Drama Workshop, Mr. Irini Heliou.

The workshop is aimed at adults who wish to live an exciting experience that will bring them closer to themselves and the world around them.

The Workshop will take place on September 30, 2023, 18:00 - 21:00, at the premises of the Higher School of Dramatic Art of the Municipality of Agia Varvara "Iakovos Kampanellis" at 2 Serifou Street, PO Box 12351 Participation is FREE.

You can register your participation in the relevant google form HERE.

The workshop in a few words:

A series of actions will take place within the context of the story. With the use of the imagination the group will be invited to discover the story’s gaps, develop new aspects and create a new environment. They participants will step into the main character’s shoes, create the story’s scenery and soundscape, propose still images, answer dilemmas and reflect on ethical as much as practical issues that arise from the story. Ultimately, they create their own sustainable environment.

Why should anyone participate in this workshop?

Because it's exciting!

Because there is no 'right' and 'wrong' response to the issues of the story. One discovers the right answer for themselves.

Because one enhances their own skills: Communication, leadership, empathy, active listening,  empowerment, teamwork are some of the skills strengthened. Similarly, one becomes aware of one’s expressive means: body posture, verbal and non-verbal communication etc.

Brief CV:

Eirini Cheliou is an actor, drama teacher, special educator and podcaster. She completed her studies at the Higher Drama School of the Piraeus Association and as an actor has participated in performances in Greece and abroad: National Theatre of Northern Greece, Stoa Theatre, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Exeter (UK), Austin (TX, USA) and others.

She holds a Master in Applied Theatre: Theatre Practice from the University of Exeter (United Kingdom). Field of research:  Drama and Theatre in Education, Autism, Theatre in Prison and Probation.

She is a graduate of the Annual Pedagogical Training Program of A.S.PAI.TE. and has attended the two-year seminar of the Porta Theatre in Drama and Theatre in Education.

Eirini Cheliou is trained at the Autism Treatment Center of America (United States), she facilitates Son-Rise®  sessions with people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and delivers seminars to parents and experts on how to play with people on the spectrum.

As a drama teacher she has facilitated workshops for children, teenagers and adults (neurodiverse and neurotypical) in venues such as schools, prisons and clubs in Greece, Great Britain and the United States (Texas).

She collaborated with the National Theatre of Greece as a drama teacher in the program 'Theatre in the New School’.

She has been an associate of the Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities 'ALMA' (people on the autism spectrum/with intellectual disabilities) for six years. She designed and led sessions in a variety of subjects (drama in education, theatre group, girls empowerment, adults support) and co-designed and facilitated projects implemented with the sponsorship of the European Union.

She is the creator and host of the podcast Today Is A Wonderful Day!

Eirini is moved by every little piece of beauty she encounters in her daily life, is a fan of the continuous personal development and loves to travel.

More of Eirini Cheliou at www.eirinicheliou.com